Gawain and the Green Knight are a last hoorah for the dead!

More technically, they’re a folk duo, made up of Alexia Antoniou and Mike O’Malley (and often accompanied by their talentedly fingered and vocal-chorded friends. ) With their guitar and Irish Bouzouki in hand, the two breathe warm air into lungs that have long since disintegrated into dust, singing to life these relatable ghosts in warm, howling harmony. They’ve been barding around New York City together since January 2018, and are real delighted to share with you their first EP, Ghosties. To hear Mike’s original music, check out Mike O’Malley + Beastie Band!

Come back soon and often for more updates, friends!

”Her songs conjure up vivid historical humans living vivid human moments… a kind of troubadour feminism.”
-Gabriel Rodriguez, GabRodLog

”They make music with such a timeless quality and bubbling optimism.

-Harrison Gale, Writer’s Unblock