Gawain and the Green Knight are a last hoorah for the dead!

More technically, they’re a folk duo, made up of Alexia Antoniou and Mike O’Malley (and often accompanied by their talentedly fingered and vocal-chorded friends. ) With their guitar and Irish Bouzouki in hand, the two breathe warm air into lungs that have long since disintegrated into dust, singing to life these relatable ghosts in warm, howling harmony. They’ve been barding around New York City together since January 2018, and are real delighted to be here. To hear Mike’s original music, check out Mike O’Malley + Beastie Band. Come back soon and often for more updates, friends!

People are saying nice things!

  • “Every now and again a track takes hold of you that's completely different from anything else that you've listened to - I think that's the case with today's track of the day by New York-based Gawain and the Green Knight… they create haunting, beautiful, magnificent music.” - FOLKABLE MUSIC

  • ”The actual lyrics of the song, while still holding true to their references of knights and romantic European literature, speak to feelings that anyone can relate to, whether they’re from the times of Sir Gawain or living in a millennial society. “ -Hot Lunch Music

  • ”Her songs conjure up vivid historical humans living vivid human moments… a kind of troubadour feminism.” - GAB ROD BLOG

  • “Sometimes you walk into an open mic or a small music venue in New York and hear something that makes you go, "Well, I've never heard that sound before." Gawain and the Green Knight fit that bill. Named after a late 14th-century chivalric romance story, the duo of Alexia Antoniou and Mike O'Malley craft literary folk songs which blend history, literature, and other intellectual pursuits with the usual songwriting themes of anxiety, self-doubt, and desire.” - THE DELI

  • ”Lovely guitar melodies combining with wonderful vocals… these guys have something truly special” - YORK CALLING