• 11/24/18 - Interview/Performance on Barnard College’s WBAR Radio Show Writer’s Unblock next Tuesday!
    This’ll be a fun one! Next Tuesday, November 27th, we’ll be answering questions and performing some of the ghosties on Writer’s Unblock- a playful, cerebral radio show on WBAR (Barnard College’s Freeform Radio Station) that aims to make the process of artistic creation more accessible through interviewing various writers. Tune in to WBAR here, Tuesday November 27th at 11pm:, or listen later on the archive:

  • 11/17/18 - Ghosties Review (Our First!) Posted on GabRodLog!

    OH BOY! I am honored to share the first review of our work, written by the New York-based performance artist Gabriel Rodriguez. Gabriel is many things (writer, actor, Good Human) but above all, a storyteller in the way of the first storytellers, those around whom our ancestors would’ve gathered like a dazzling and bone-warming fire. While watching them perform, I’ve been overwhelmed and moved by the way in which they seem to open themselves up to become a conduit for a thousand voices- so I am bowled over in the best way at “Alexia and her lovely, eerie voice brings such poetry, such warmth, such vitality to these people and their stories. She lends substance to that which is ghostly. She makes you feel like these long dead beings are alive and sitting right next to you in all their beautiful human aches.”

    You can read the full review here. To explore Gabriel’s own work, please check out their website here- and keep an eye out for the return of their post-apocalyptic creation myth, Jack of Cups, in Spring 2019!

  • 11/9/18 - “King Louis (There’s Not Enough Champagne)” Featured on Portrait of an Artist!
    We are tickled to announce that our single, "King Louis (There’s Not Enough Champagne)," was featured on the most recent episode of the podcast Portrait of an Artist! Many thanks to The Greenhouse Ensemble for welcoming the House of Bourbon to Brooklyn. Check out episode three to hear us: